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June 2015

From the Pipe Major:

The summer months bring with them more opportunities for the band: 

A number of weddings in the island and a competition in Lorient, France in August 2015. The Core Tune play list is issued so the main focus for personal practice is the competition sets. For younger players please learn the marching sets so that you can take a fuller playing part when out and about on parade.

Band practice continues weekly, on Thursday evenings, at the Berni Hall, St Martin: 

7.00 p.m. beginners practice chanter class
7.30 p.m. advanced practice chanter class
8.00 p.m. Pipe Band practice-chanter, pads and full band

Please check the band website diary for our upcoming events. )

We have the potential of having 11 pipers and 8 drummers in the band. We have some younger players in the wings and see no reason why they dont join us in parades later in the year.

We aim to work more with the Island of Jersey Band so we can have more joint performances. The pipes & drums go nicely so that's an "Ode to Joy"!

P/M Gregor Allan

The core marching play list:
Mharis wedding, Scotland the Brave
Highland cathedral
Green Hills etc
Shoals of herring, 6/8’s etc
Wings set, 4/4's etc
Blustering Home & Sandy’s New Chanter
Conundrum and Glasgow City

The Competition Set: MEDLEY /March/Strathspey/Reels & Hornpipe

1. P/M Willie Ross's farewell to the Scots Guards
2. The Drunken Piper
3. The Campbeltown Kiltie Ball
4. The Piper of Drummond
5. Sleepy Maggie
6. Farewell to Camray with harmonies
7. Full Force

The Competition Marches:
  1. The Atholl & Breadalbane Highlanders
  2. Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle.
  3. Jenny's Bawbee.
  4. Men of Argyle.
Hope this helps.

Keep running through these tunes: 

  • Back of Benachie & Black Bear
  • The Conundrum & Glasgow City Police

The Year to Date:
Key themes

-Tuesday practice for Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes-contact the P/M
 All welcome
-Change of format Thursday practice-Pads & Chanter work
-One Thursday and an odd week end day to dedicated to Competition Playing and Field Practice


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